We deliver your new swimming pool to your door.

D.I.Y. Installation & Process

D.I.Y. Installation

When purchasing your new pool shell you will be presented with a step by step explanation of installing the pool shell with a 21 page easy to understand booklet, containing diagrams and photos, to complete the process of a Do-It-Yourself project. These instructions are written from experiences accumulated of 26 years in the pool industry from servicing, renovating pools, to pool building/installation of fiberglass pools with over 500 swimming pool installation involvement experience.

We have also access to a fully trained pool installer who can install the shell to, and up to, any stage that you would like, or, complete the whole process of the installation. The cost of this service is negotiated between the installer and yourself.

D.I.Y. Process

  • After we have been contacted by you and agreed on price for Pool Shell Kit and also delivery arrangements, you will then place your order by email of the pool shape,  colour, any extra’s, lights, etc.. to us.
  • An invoice for a deposit will be sent to you, and once that has been paid the order is placed in line for production on the start of pool shell.
  • After deposit paid you will be sent the appropriate paperwork, the 21 page booklet on installation instructions, engineers drawings, dig sheet, Form 15 for council, certifier, permit purposes.
  • At this point you should submit your plan to a building certifier with the relevant paperwork. At the same time the shell is in line for production, usually the plan is approved by the certifier at the same time the shell is ready for transport.
  • Balance payment of shell is before it leaves the factory and delivered.
  • Before the shell leaves factory, usually the pool shell hole is being excavated, so as when the shell arrives the crane puts it straight into hole.
  • Once shell is in hole, start of installation using the instructions sent to you.
  • Plumb pool whilst installing pool shell.
  • After pool shell is fully installed, the bond beam is to be boxed up and concrete poured for the coping bricks. Lay and mortar coping bricks.
  • Then plumb up pump and filter for the cleaning of the water in pool.
  • At start of these steps of process a compliant temporary and or a permanent pool fence is to be installed. Check out your local government rules and regulations. In some states a compliant temporary fence is required during installation if the permanent compliant pool fence is not already erected.
  • Swim.

Note:  All of the photos on this web site are for illustration of pool shell only, none of the prices include installation, landscaping, pool fencing and surrounds.

Quotation of pool shell delivery can be obtained by filling in section on “CONTACT US” page, with your address.